Kinesiotape is a non-invasive technique that can be used to help treat injuries to the joints and muscles surrounding it. It is used to help let the body heal as well as provide support without restricting range of motion. It has also been proven to improve lymphatic flow by lifting the skin microscopically off of the underlying soft tissue structures. Dr. Strack provides this service depending on the need of each patient and phase of care. It can be incredibly effective for a number of soft tissue injuries. It is different from regular sports tape as it has a high degree of stretch.

Pain Alleviation

Kinesiotape works by stretching over the skin covering a damaged muscle. The tape helps to pull the skin away from the damaged muscle, allowing the muscle more space to regenerate, and helping to take pressure off the pain receptors. Kinesiotape may also help to create more subcutaneous space for lymph to drain, resulting in reduced swelling of the area, which can result in diminished muscular pain.

Reduce Irritation in Joints

Some studies have shown that kinesiotape can help to increase the “breathing room” joints need to move properly. The space that is created is small, but it is enough to assist the joint in healing and movement.

Living with Kinesiotape

Kinesiotape is made up of a special elastic and cotton fibers, which help the tape move much like human skin. Kinesiotape is incredibly stretchy and allows you to continue to have your full range of motion while going through the healing process. The tape is also waterproof and breathable, and as such can be work during exercise and in the shower. Be sure to speak with Dr. Strack about the best ways you can take care of your injury and your kinesiotape during the healing process.

Uses for Kinesiotape

Kinesiotape has a wide range of uses, based on the manner and location of its application. Dr. Strack will tell you if kinesiotape is the best course of action to treat any of these conditions, and more:

Shin Splints

This condition, also known as “tibial stress syndrome,” can occur in athletes, dancers, military members, and anyone who has recently changed their training routines or the intensity of those routines. If you are feeling pain, soreness, or tenderness on the inner side of your shin bone, visit Dr. Strack to discuss your diagnosis and treatment options.

Knee Pain

If you are experiencing knee pain, kinesiotape may help you to treat that discomfort. Kinesiotape treats knee injuries by using the stretch of the tape to reduce pressure on the knee joint. The use of kinesiotape on the knee has been used to treat conditions such as bursitis, tendinitis, runner’s knee, jumper’s knee, and more.

Muscle Pain and Swelling

Kinesiotape has been shown to assist in lymphatic drainage by creating a space between the injured area and the skin above it, helping the lymphatic system to drain painful fluid build-up that delays healing. Speak to Dr. Strack about whether kinesiotape is the best solution to treat your muscle swelling.

Sprained Ankles

Sprained ankles are the area we most commonly treat with kinesiotape. While these injuries can be easy to diagnose, the complexity of their treatment can sometimes be underestimated. When a sprained ankle comes into the office, we first work to rule out an avulsion fracture, which would require time in a boot. A typical sprained ankle will sideline an athlete for two to three weeks, but Dr. Strack’s goal is to get the athlete back on the field within the week they get into the office. The sooner we can restore range of motion, the quicker the athlete can get back to competing.

Kinesiotape helps you heal in a noninvasive way.

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